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Improving employee efficiency
Businesses and organizations are always looking for ways to increase the efficiency and productivity of their employees. Repetitive jobs can take large amounts of time but if they are not done correctly, more time is spent finding the mistake which can be very frustrating. Customized computer applications can dramatically reduce the time spent on these tasks and make the process virtually error free.

Smart Forms

Even experienced personnel can make small data entry mistakes that end up costing businesses money. Data input forms can be customized to make the input process faster and more accurate. For example if you only service customers in Montana and Wyoming the form can verify that the state is always either MT or WY.  The form can also direct the user to the next step in the input process based on what has been entered already. For example if the user enters Yes in response to a question, the form can take him or her automatically to the next place on the form they need to be, while a No response will take him or her to another place on the form.  Once the form is completed, a scan can check to make sure that there are no omissions or mistakes. These features can save labor because it prevents errors that take time to correct. 

Specialized Reports

Many businesses have specific needs that are not covered by a "canned" accounting program. Users sometimes develop their own solutions in an Excel spreadsheet, but the result can be prone to error and take time to execute. For example, a construction company was paying an employee hours every month to create a labor burden report.  A program was developed with an Access database and an Excel workbook that produces the report, with more detail than before, in less than five minutes.  Another example is a mining company that needed to project how much material it needed to process to keep their employees working at full capacity. Doing the projections by hand would have taken days and been prone to error. Using a customized Excel workbook the process can now be accurately completed in about 10 minutes.   When a process is slow and cumbersome, many times a specialized report can make it much more efficient.

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