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Application Development
Database Application Development
Peter Bennett has been developing database applications for over 20 years. Starting in the 1980s with the dBase program and continuing in the 1990s with Microsoft Access.  Databases are very flexible and can be adapted to a wide variety of situations. In order to make the database functional, data input forms, queries and reports are developed to the process easy and productive for the user. Any situation involving the input and processing of information can be automated with a database application.
The Development Process

The initial phase involves getting to know the needs of the client and creating a list of priorities. Next the data structure is defined and forms are created for data input. Queries are created to filter and sort the information. Reports are created as the final output. Reports can included full page printouts with totals and subtotals, or the output might be a card to mail out to members to remind them to renew their membership. The client is involved at all phases of development to ensure that their needs are being met.

Microsoft Excel Macros

In order to manipulate data in Excel, macros are developed to automate the process.  What could take hours to do manually with tedious input to the spreadsheet, can take seconds with a macro.

Visual Basic for Applications

In order to automate tasks in Access and create macros in Excel, Visual Basic is used. The Visual Basic language is very powerful and flexible. The capabilities of a program written in Basic are practically unlimited.
Examples of Applications Developed by Peter Bennett

Time saving report that breaks down labor burden for a construction company.

Smart data entry form for a medical survey that checks for input errors.

Quote system for an interior decorating business that helps the owner track purchase orders.

Job and route tracking system for a service business with reports showing when each client needs an appointment.

Membership program for a non profit organization including reminder cards to renew membership.

Exhibition event tracking program showing the user when each event is filled.

Cattle shipment program for a cattle buyer.

Accounts receivable tracking for a printing business.

Utility billing program for a small city.

Product tracking system for a mineral production plant.

Mine excavation projection macros in Excel.

Vehicle revenue versus expense macros for a construction company doing weighted average calculations.

Smart questionaire form for medical test participants that checks to make sure they are eligible.

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