Computer Support and Consulting

Located in beautiful Bozeman, Montana

Computer Support & Consulting

and Positive Attitude!
Computer Support and Consulting combines technical expertise with personal consideration. Drawing on his twenty nine years of experience in the computer business, Peter Bennett provides expert computer skills and knowledge.  Peter also utilizes his training as a counselor  to listen to you and interact with you on a human, non-technical, basis. You will feel comfortable and understood while the technical issues are resolved.
Helping Businesses Save Money

Increasing productivity and efficiency is our goal.

  • Reports that took an employee hours to produce by hand are now done in minutes.
  • Employee frustration reduced by Increasing efficiency in data entry. See the pages on Application Development.

  • Connecting people through local networks and the Internet, allowing them to be more effective at their work.

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Software Support

  • Networking computers including  WIndows XP,  Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008 / 2011
  • Database Applications using Microsoft Access
  • Macro Development for Microsoft Excel
  • Internet Connection and email
  • Virus and malware removal for your computer

Hardware Repair

  • Hardware Troubleshooting
  • Component Upgrades
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